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Your health and wellness starts with loving and embracing your healthy lifestyle.

Ready to say “no” to fad diets and commit to making permanent and sustainable lifestyle changes from a Fresh Perspective?

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Diabetes | Weight Loss | Pre & Post Natal Nutrition | Gut Health

Complete Wellbeing Packages

Complete Wellbeing Intro

This is a great wellness introduction and is best for people who would like to get started and don’t require too much guidance in creating lifestyle changes.

What to Expect:

  • Detailed Initial Consult
  • 2 monthly coaching sessions scheduled within 2 months of the initial appointment where we will review the goals set at the initial appointment and progress that has been made and discuss any lingering questions you may have.
  • Personalized Nutrition Care Toolbox tailored to your needs and reason for visit.

Complete Wellbeing 2.0 (Medical Nutrition Therapy - MNT)

This is a great program for people who have medical conditions like type2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, digestive issues and are looking for not only nutrition education in regards to your condition, but also support in its management. 

What to Expect:

  • Detailed initial consult
  • 6 follow up coaching sessions scheduled within 3 or 6 months of the initial appointment where you will receive a comprehensive nutrition plan. I will help you to understand the  steps of MNT for your medical condition. 
  • Personalized Nutrition Care Toolbox provide you with the practical knowledge regarding portion sizes, nutrient pairings, dining out tips tailored to your condition, and balanced meal and snack ideas.
  • In person grocery store tour (in GTA area only) – upon request

Fresh Perspective Mindset - Weight Loss Program

This is a great program for people who have been struggling with weight loss and have tried every possible fad diet and regained the weight back.

What to Expect:

  • Detailed initial consult
  • 6 follow up coaching sessions scheduled within 6 months of the initial appointment. In each session, I will teach you one dietary/lifestyle strategy from my unique tried and tested weight loss program, guide you through your monthly goals, and help you form a new lifestyle – all from a Fresh Perspective! 
  • Personalized Nutrition Care Toolbox especially curated for your weight loss success.
  • You can add a 1-hour in-person grocery store tour to help with successful weight loss. Click here (This service is only available for clients in the Greater Toronto area)

Nourish for Two - Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

Delicate nutrition plan for a very special time! 

This package is great for:

  • Pregnancy
  • Gestational Diabetes (if applicable)

What to Expect:

  • Detailed Initial Consult 
  • This package addresses the unique needs of pregnancy by incorporating a three phase plan to correspond with your trimesters.
  • A Wholesome” Nutrition Toolbox that helps you properly nourish you and your baby. 
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